Welcome to Old Mill Doodles. We have Standard Sproodles, Standard and Small Goldendoodles on the way!

We are breeders of the highest quality Goldendoodles and Sproodles available. At Old Mill Doodles, located in Staunton, Virginia, our Goldendoodles are first-generation crosses between an AKC Golden Retriever and either an AKC  Poodle. We have both standard and moyen poodles which allows us to offer a variety of sizes and still have the great family dog personality. The newest addition to our doodle family is the Sproodle, a cross between an AKC English Springer Spaniel and an AKC Poodle.  We now offer Sproodles and Goldendoodles in small, medium, and standard sizes. The result of crossing two top quality pure bred dogs is a doodle puppy with hybrid vigor. Our goal is to produce family friendly, intelligent, low to no-shed Goldendoodles and Sproodles. Our puppies hit the mark!

Sproodles and Goldendoodles are  hybrid dog breeds. The Sproodle breed is a cross between the English Springer Spaniel and the Poodle. The Goldendoodle is a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. Over the years the purchase of Sproodle and Goldendoodle puppies have grown in popularity due to the combination of their high intelligence, low to no-shed coats, and their family friendly personalities.

Our Sproodles are bred in a variety of colors: black and white or brown and white are our most common colors. We now also offer brindle and white sproodles in our medium size. Every now and then we have Sproodle puppies with tri-color markings on their cheeks and eyebrows. We have a new moyen poodle that we anticipate will add more color varieties to our smaller sproodles in the spring. Our Goldendoodles are available in shades ranging from light blond to dark red.

We breed Sproodles and Goldendoodles in two sizes. The size difference depends on whether the sire is a miniature, moyen,  or standard poodle.

Our Sproodles have a non-shed coat and is non-allergenic.  Our Goldendoodles have a very low-shed coat; they’re great pets for mild to moderate allergy sufferers. Their coats are amazingly soft and low maintenance. They are very sweet natured, gentle and lovable breeds.

Sproodles and Goldendoodles are extremely intelligent and highly trainable. Their goal in life is to please their people.

We’re located in historic Staunton, Virginia. When you visit, please take the time to see some of the sites. There are some adorable shops, museums, and some delightful restaurants.

At Old Mill Doodles, we have more than twenty-four years of experience breeding dogs of exceptional quality. Several generations have been born and raised here, giving us firsthand knowledge of health and temperament history. We are very proud of the dogs that we produce and are confident enough in them to offer a two year written health guarantee. We hope you enjoy your visit at Old Mill Doodles!

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